15 July, 2009

Jom Baca Buku - Burial Urn

Burial Urn

Burial Urn represents life in a bygone age, full of tragedy and turmoil, which tugs at the emotions. The conflict between different tribes and their efforts to preserve their dignity, their way of life, faith and convictions is successfully and effectively portrayed by Amil Jaya. It shows the heroism and bravery of the tribes of Sabah in defending their different ambitions, dreams and beliefs. It is set in the Tempasuk Valley, Kota Belud, Sabah, in East Malaysia.

Burial Urn

Publisher : Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia
Author : Amil Jaya
Year of Publication : 2009
ISBN: 978-983-0683-645
No of Pages : 161
Price : RM 25.00
Kindly call ITNM at this number 03 4149 7210 to get your order now or visit MPH bookstore (Alamanda dan Mid Valley).


Lady Aznie said...

nak baca hikayat Hang Tuah!!

wwwenche said...

nak baca hikayat hang tuah nak kena beli ah bukunya..