04 November, 2009

Jom Baca Buku - The Epic of Hang Tuah

The Epic of Hang Tuah
Hikayat Hang Tuah

This work which was authored between 1641 and 1739 is the only Malay epic which represents the Malay race itself in its aspirations, ability and attitudes towards life during a decisively significant period of time. Hang Tuah epitomized the uniqueness of the Malay race as a cultured and civilized people by demonstrating the self-esteem, courage, astuteness and fine manners of the Malay people, which gained respect and acknowledgement from foreign peoples and governments who were among the early sources of contact with the Malay civilization before the Portuguese invasion of Malacca. The author ends his work on a spirited and enduring note which has left an indelible mark in Malay minds until today: “The Malays will never vanish from this world.”

The Epic of Hang Tuah
Hikayat Hang Tuah

Translator: Muhammad Haji Salleh
Publisher: Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia
Year of Publication: 2009
No of Pages: 662 pages
Prices: RM250.00

New Release! The Epic of Hang Tuah, for the first time ever from the Malay great works series Hikayat Hang Tuah has been translated into English. To be in the market soon.

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